About Us



We are Trenton's Ninth Grade Academy affectionately known as TNGA. 

We believe:

  • Students thrive in a safe, secure, and enriched learning environment
  • Students are responsible for their own learning
  • Our curriculum must reflect the diversity of our students’ cultures
  • Every student is valued and must be treated with respect and dignity
  • The faculty must use varied teaching strategies to address the multiple intelligences of our students
  • Our students are a reflection of our commitment to their education and future
  • Parent involvement and community involvement are critical to student success 
  • The growth of character is essential for the development of good citizenship 

District Mission Statement


All students will graduate with a vision for their futures, motivated to learn continually and prepared to succeed in their choice of college or career. 

9th Grade Academy

Mission Statement


9th Grade Academy, with the support of educators, families and the community, is dedicated to providing a rigorous educational environment where students are challenged, excellence is expected and differences are valued.